Hire Lawson

I write, and that’s what I do best. A man’s his best when he does the thing he loves (don’t start asking me the reason behind the last sentence. I just had an itch to use the word “does”, and so I came up with an arbitrary sentence for it.).

If you think you like my writings (of course, many that you have read – if you had – are unedited. Think about the way of writing, not the grammars), you have the option of hiring me to, not your baby sitter (that’s up for consideration. Let’s decide on the package) be of your service.

With a panel of writers, editors, graphic designers, film makers, and nonsensical people behind me that are making things happen, I’m here to help you in your:

1) eBook Publishing, writing, formatting, and selling

2) Editing of your writings

3) Writing of your books (ghost writing), flyers, public speeches, websites’ contents, corporate memos, marketing materials and many other writings that you’ll need (who knows, maybe…love letters?)

4) Filming of your pre-launch videos, mini movies and MTVs that you might have the budget for. (Yes, I heard you. It’ll take me few months – there’s a reason behind it – the videos to show you the quality. Give me some time please.) Mainly for Singapore customers, unless you wish to pay for us to go over to your country to make the videos happen.

5) Graphics Designing of your websites, flyers, marketing materials and eBooks.

6) Fengshui needs.

If you think you wish to know more, perhaps the price or package that I can offer, contact me below:

I’ll be always checking my emails (in fact, my phone’s on notification mode. What a lie.), so I will get back to you as soon as I can, if my kid isn’t asking for milk or play. Otherwise, you’ll be assured of my response.

If you have an idea but you’re either a) too lazy to make it into a book or b) looking for some quick cash, you can contact me through the form above, let me know a little about your idea(s), draft(s), or manuscript(s) (if you were not too lazy to write a little bit), and I’ll give you an offer for it. I’ll make it into a (e)Book.

If you have a manuscript, and you want to see it becoming a reality but you don’t know how to make it into an eBook? Refer to number 1 above – I’ll make it happen for you for a fee. Send me an enquiry and I’ll give you a quote.

Are you kidding me? You know Fengshui?!

Yes I do. Do I have to be in Chinese attire to show that I know how to tweak your environment to improve your luck?