Facts and Fiction of Fengshui: Facts That Masters Are NOT Telling You

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With the hopes of improving our lives using Fengshui, it has since became more of a reason and less of a word used by people around the world to explain the existence of fish tanks and water fountain features in their homes, and also to conveniently explain why some people do things that other people don’t and can’t understand.

Some people wonder why, some Fengshui cures work for some, but not for others. If we were to pinpoint the culprit for non-working cures, misconceptions of Fengshui are the main culprits that are behind the non-working cures.

In the era of information technology, many Fengshui enthusiasts turn to the internet for information regarding Fengshui. With so much information about Fengshui being easily available, practically anyone can claim to have some knowledge about Fengshui. And even though one may not be a Fengshui practitioner – it is not uncommon for someone with some knowledge about Fengshui go on to “give advice” to others about Fengshui, creating a cycle of “anything goes” when it comes to Fengshui advice.

This book was written with the objective of bringing you into the world of Fengshui, the basics behind this intangible art, the misconceptions about Fengshui and the masters, the cures that we can apply in our own home or office, and what we need to know to understand this art better.

Most importantly, this book compiles simple and basic secrets that many masters are not willing to share.

Put together from the cases the author handled, this book provides you with the perspectives of both Fengshui masters and Fengshui clients. This book also explains why some cures don’t work, and why some cures do. This book will be sharing with you the case studies and examples to illustrate the points without too many technical details that may confuse you. This book will be able to allow you to look at Fengshui from a different point of view.

No matter if you are a believer, a sceptic, or a neutral, this book aims to serve as a reading pleasure that makes Fengshui less of a debatable subject.

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