November 2013

“lf you see something that can be done a lot better, why not do it yourself?”

-29th November 2013

“One great part of every human existence is passed in a state which cannot be rendered sensible by the use of wideawake language, cutanddry grammar and goahead plot.”
-James Joyce-

– 27th November 2013

“what is clear and concise can’t deal with reality, for to be real is to be surrounded by mystery.”
-James Joyce –

-27th November 2013

“When someone treats you like dirt, they’re saying a lot about no one–not even you–but themselves.”

-26th November 2013

“If life after death is true, the whole of our lives will eventually flash before us like a movie one day.

Make it a movie worth watching.”
-25th November 2013

“My wife thinks that I am irresistible.

And it is all that matters.”

-24th November 2013

“Put a group of guy friends in a chatroom and you’ll lose the topic.”

-23rd November 2013

“Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.”

-22nd November 2013

“As much as you don’t like to believe, the Universe that we are in is here to suck you, or blow you. And trust me, you won’t enjoy the earlier very much.”

– 20th November 2013

“For those that write, have a mind of their own. For those who don’t, need a bigger RAM.”

– 19th November 2013

“By the time you start to realise that you agree with someone who’s your senior, you’d have a junior who’ll start disagreeing with you.”

– 15th November 2013

“You are seeing this in November because I was fucking lazy for the whole of October.”

– 13th November 2013