Date: 31st July 2014

My wife watches “The Voice” – China version every night. I don’t understand why. She says it’s because it’s exciting to see the coaches pressing the buttons when the singers are good. That’s exactly what I can’t comprehend.

I mean, I’m so used to seeing people pressing buttons, especially when I sing.

The panic and distress button.


Date: 13th January 2014

Cold Countries VS Tropical Countries

People from the cold countries right now are commenting how they love to swap positions people from the tropical countries, such as us, because we get to “enjoy” warm weather whole year round.

I respectfully disagree with their views. I’ve my reason to support where I’m coming from. Here’s my argument:

In an extreme cold weather, you have the option to put on as many layers of clothing as you wish, until the point of comfort. In their cases, the point of warmth.

In our cases, we have only that many layers that we can remove until it becomes illegal.


Date: 12th January 2014

We have reached such advance stage of technology that instead of growing old with the years, people grow younger or even, grow into something else.

I’m not lying.

Last I checked (from Facebook), many of my friends have either grew very much younger–as young as infants or toddlers. Some became cats or dogs, and the richer ones became cars.

Date: 18th December 2013

Marriage is a journey of two persons, where the husband works hard to meet the needs of the wife, and the wife demands hard for her needs to be met by the husband.


Date: 9th December 2013

Now we start to see netizens criticising the police for “running away” when the mob attacked them during the riot.

The joke’s on you, keyboard warriors. You probably have watched too much Donnie Yen’s movies to think that policemen should engage in fist fights with 300 to 400 intoxicated troublemakers. We are talking about containing situations, not shooting SPL II, for your information.

The level of immaturity of you people is defying description.

Date: 5th Dec 2013

A very good example of the use of the phrase, ” one thing led to another”:

“Adolf Hitler volunteered to serve in the Bavarian Army during WW1, and he served as a dispatch runner on the Western Front in France and Belgium.

One thing led to another, USA dropped 2 atomic bombs onto Japan”

Date: 29th Nov 2013

So, this guy called me on my phone today. I was reluctant in answering his call; I put my phone to silent. He isn’t the type to give up easily, so he called the second time. Buzz, buzz, *clicked*, silence. I was just not in the mood to hear him speak. I knew how he would start a conversation.

Date: 26th Nov 2013

At the rate we are going, public transport buses have to either increase the size of their seats, or appeal to the government to go on a wide “Keep slim, keep healthy” campaign.

And I seriously think the former is more achievable.


Date: 25th Nov 2013

When you try something that you’ve never done before, you’re no better at it than a baby.

There’s no reason to expect more from yourself than you would expect from a baby.

-Source: http://doodlealley.com/

Date: 21st Nov 2013

The signature red-frame spectacles that I have been wearing is dying on me. I need a new pair very soon.

NO!!! Not so soon!!

NO!!! Not so soon!!

Tsk… scumbag spectacles.

I should get a new pair.

I should get a new pair.

Date: 20th Nov 2013

I should buy some Bitcoins.