The Frustration Between The Keyboard and The Chair


Type, type, type, and type, then delete. Drafts after drafts, tabs after tabs. Then closing them all.

As many of us know, the past week had been a little difficult for us Singaporeans, and the reason behind the little nation’s grieve was none other than the demise of our Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I have, in fact, a hand-written draft of my observations of what happened the past week, but it just seem so hard for me to organise the paper draft and have it up here in my blog.

What’s happening? I think I am hearing the word. You heard that?


Maybe yes, maybe no. Or perhaps, my thoughts were / are just too messy to be organised? I’m not sure.

Refreshing the browser again and again, and here I am, typing nonsensical stuffs right here instead of really writing. What has happened to my drive?

It could be lack of coffee. Or maybe, I’m getting lazy.

No. Wait. The environment’s too noisy for me to concentrate.

Somebody tell me what to do.


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