Building Brand Awareness For Business – Do you know how?

To build a brand awareness, first you’ll need information. Like if you’re a cat-seller, you’ll need to know the number of people who actually likes eating cats, right (that’s a joke. Don’t get too uptight man)?

I read this blog post from Neil Patel, who is an expert in social media branding, and he was kind enough to write and share about building brand awareness. In his post, he has this infographic for many of us to make decisions better through the information. He is also sharing the code for us readers to embed in our posts. Being the guy who’ll never let anything free (typical Singaporean) escape, I’ve copied it here for my readers:


How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Now, I’m not a thief; I don’t steal content unless the originator allows sharing of his articles. So, for the rest of the blog post, you can click here to read more, and follow if you think what he has been sharing are informative. I’ve done my job now. 🙂


41c1d-originalAndy Lawson is the average man on the street that you’ll not even trouble yourself looking at him if he passes by you. He’s sensitive to bullshit, and he hates mediocrity in most people.

He is the author of his self-published book: Facts and Fiction of Fengshui: Facts that Masters are NOT Telling You.

He doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter, because he hates to be associated with people who tend to be passive-aggressive online, but he does have a very limited set of vocabularies, terrible grammar, a twisted mind that makes himself God in his own twisted world and an ability to communicate with people who wish to be his friend.


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