The Last Goodbye

Tears drop on the wrinkled piece of paper that she’s holding in her hands, and she sweeps it off before it damages the last piece she will have. Her eyes are puffy from the weeping, and her hands are trembling. She sobs in silence, while she bites her lower lips quivering from her attempts to stop herself from crying out. Her kids are sleeping in the next room, and she has no intention to wake them up. After all, they know nothing. They’re still kids.

Sitting in the centre of the dark room all lights switched off, she sits on this stool that they bought together when they first moved in. The memories of them shopping for the furniture of their new home flashes in her mind.

They met in college. She paid no attention to him though, for he was a nerd that no one would look at for the second time. It was the day that would change their lives, when he walked to her while she was having her break between lessons.


She looked at him, shuddering inside her. “Hi.” She replied.

“I know you are feeling disgusted a nerd chatting you up, instead of Vincent the Mr Popular.” He said. She was shocked. She felt surprised that he could read her mind. “I shall not disturb you, though I know you’re curious to know more. I’ll see you again?”

“Yes, I’ll see you again.” She answered. Sure, she was starting to hope to see him again.

It was a month before they met again, and this time, it was at the park. She was chatting with her friends, and he walked to her, just how it was the first time.

“Hi.” He said.


“I see I’m not as repulsive to you now, am I?” He asked.

“Well, things are improving.” She chuckled.



They shook their hands, and they became acquainted. It wasn’t long before they saw themselves walking down the road together after school. One day on their way home, Liz stopped to say, “I’ve something to ask.”

“About the friend who’s always with me?” Paul asked.

“Yes…and no. 1st, of all, how did you always manage to read my mind?”

“That’s a secret.”

“And who’s that guy you’re always with.”

“Brian? He’s my buddy. He’s a scientist, and a great one. Inventor.”

She said nothing, and they walked on. That night, they kissed for the first time. She was convinced that she had found a man who knew her as much as she did, and it was him. She’s not going to let this wonderful man leave her life.

Years later, they got married. Like any other young women, Liz’s wish was to walk the life’s journey with the man she loved, and the wedding was the beginning of the fairy tale she thought she would have. She had nothing to complain; he knew her taste, from what she liked, what she would choose, and everything on her mind that she didn’t have to speak to bring across. Their wedding was perfect, because Paul knew just what she wanted. From her dresses to the venue, everything was planned to perfection as if  her bridegroom was the guardian angel sent to her from heaven. A successful man with a bright career who knew what she was thinking. Life couldn’t get any better than this.

She never expected that to happen, but it did. It was only 3 years into their marriage, and this man whom she thought would be her angel for life left without a word. That fateful morning when she found him unconscious in the bath, and he never woke since.

Devastation fell on her like rain from the unpredictable skies. She felt the weight of the “rain” getting heavy, the moment the rain reminded herself Mr Perfect isn’t going to be around anymore. “Why” was the word she couldn’t figure.

In the dark, she closes her eyes to stop the tears. She takes one last look at the note she’s holding but not exactly reading. The letter with the last words left for her by the man she holds dear.

“Dear Liz,

The moment you read this, I should have been gone. I’m sorry. Even at my last moments, I could not bring myself to tell you the truth. I’m not the perfect man you’ve always thought I was. When I got to know you back during the college days, Brian had a chip installed into my brains. It worked well. I knew what everyone was thinking, and I felt like I was someone like God. But Liz, do you know, Brian couldn’t make it switch off.

For years, I have to live the life of knowing what EVERYONE was thinking, and that includes having to face people whom I know hate me but putting on a fake front. It wasn’t easy, and to be honest, it IS painful. I don’t think I can take it anymore. 8 years and counting; there isn’t any way out. Brian hasn’t figured out a way to have it removed, and to switch it off. I am crazy already.

I’m sorry Liz. I don’t mean to leave you and the kids alone. But I’m at my wit’s end; I have no other way out. I fear I might do something extreme. Instead of inflicting it onto my family that I love the most, I opt to end my life and suffering together. 

I love you, Liz. I really do. I had the chips installed because I wanted to know if you would speak to me. I want you to know, that the best thing in my life isn’t the chip from Brian, but you. You’re the greatest gift God ever gave to me, and I really thank him for that. I hope you will not blame me for doing something this selfish. Just for once, let me do something for myself.

For the last time, I love you. I really do.

I’m sorry.



Writing for Daily Prompt: Full Disclosure

41c1d-originalAndy Lawson is the average man on the street that you’ll not even trouble yourself looking at him if he passes by you. He’s sensitive to bullshit, and he hates mediocrity in most people.

He is the author of his self-published book: Facts and Fiction of Fengshui: Facts that Masters are NOT Telling You.

He doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter, because he hates to be associated with people who tend to be passive-aggressive online, but he does have a very limited set of vocabularies, terrible grammar, a twisted mind that makes himself God in his own twisted world and an ability to communicate with people who wish to be his friend.


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