A Call Out To The Readers of My Blog

Dear bloggers, readers and passersby who are reading this. I have something to ask, if it isn’t too many.

As you know, most of us bloggers have a Facebook page of our own, mainly for us to reach readers who do not scroll through the WordPress home page like we do. As bloggers, we aim to spread the fun, the joy, the story, the sadness, the recipes, the photos and the whatever to everyone we can, and sometimes, when stories are too short to be posted here, we’ll take to Facebook to share the witty and funny moments. I’m sure many agree to this.

But I, with many other bloggers, have a problem reaching out to others with our page, and that’s why I’m seeking your attention. I hope to increase the followers in my Facebook, without going to my friends. Hence, if you are reading this, I’ll appreciate you if you can visit my Facebook page and click on the “Like” button. 12 likes are too low in my opinion, and I hope to increase it by as many numbers as I can. I’ll follow you back if you have a page too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.59.11 pm

While I am enjoying a steady increase in readers and followers here, Facebook is one trouble kid that I am having problems reaching out with. Time to time, I just don’t feel like posting any status (there), even if I thought it would be fun to share. I mean, to 12 persons? Really?

Given the twisted way Facebook notifies us of new followers, “Likes” from pages are not prompted with a number by the globe icon. So, if you have followed my page with yours, I hope that you can drop me a message or comment, and I’ll reciprocate the favour by visiting you to follow back.

To all who are willing to help, I thank you in advance.

– Another serious message by Andy Lawson.


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