A Hint of Cynicism And a Grab of Reality

“Eventually, love conquers all. But that love has to be strong enough to face the wrath of all the obstacles ahead that are going to come at different time, and during the most arbitrary period of her life. Her focus will have to be at what she wants, and focusing on the actions that will drive her to where she wants to be. I wish her all the best.”

The World of Andy Lawson

I have many things in my mind about what to write; I was essentially pondering over what topic I should touch on today. With the goal of writing everyday, I stared into the blank, searching my mind over what to touch on.

My nephew’s upbringing that we adults – or rather, his parents – have to pay attention to? Nah… too sticky.

Religions and my thoughts? Not really an option, unless tomorrow’s the end of the world.

Public behavior of humans? Perhaps not today.

I sat my ass down in a neighbourhood coffeeshop just as my left and right brainy were discussing about this, when I got myself breakfast consisting of some food and a coffee. I don’t usually like the idea of taking out my books to read in public, especially not in the coffeeshop. No thanks to the no-reading culture of my homeland (yeah, perhaps another story for…

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