The beautiful lady on the street

The World of Andy Lawson

Date: 7th January 2014

Felt hungry, so I walked over to the hawker centre just opposite my office to get some bite. On my way over, walking under the hot sun (sun is finally out after hiding whole day yesterday) perspiring and all, I caught sight of a lady smoking by the bin. I would say, she looked pretty beautiful with her make up and lashes. Standing elegantly, she held 1 cigarette on with hand, and checking out her phone with the other. The wind blew from behind her onto my face, covering me with the smell of her perfume mixed with her cigarette smoke.

She must’ve saw me walking towards her direction, as she looked up and upon seeing me, looked into my eyes before looking down again to check on her phone.

And I thought some girl by the streets was interesting in this uninteresting married uncle-cum-father-of-Joyston. I…

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